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I like bishies

and yummy wallpapers

It's been so long since I posted something here... I've been quite busy. But, well, let me share a little something with you fans of wallpapers (if there are still some around ^^').


For Nabako Kamo fans...
Is there any fans of Nabako Kamo's art in the house ?
Here, just for you :

The bride of the water god
This is a manhwa that I really love: the art, the story. So I thought I would share with you this nice wall I found from the original magazine. Here goes:

I'll post more yaoi wallpapers soon. ^^ I'm thinking of making entries by mangakas. Tell me your favorites and I'll see what I've got ! ;) And also, happy new year everyone !

W e are the fallen - Bury Me Alive
Here's the new group formed by former musicians of Evanescence. Isn't it awesome ?

new mangas by Hanaoto 1
Some new books by 2 mangakas I love : Shoowa and Foukai Yuki.

"Yubisaki de Ai o Katare" by FUKAI Youki and "Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai" by Shoowa. It seems like it's a sequel to Koujitsusei no Tobira.

official yaoi & shoujo wallpapers
Well, about that, since I still don't know if people do like me to post wallpapers since no one comments, I believe it's pointless. Don't know. It's not about nagging people to comment (in fact I don't really care that much) but I have no way to know if it interests people.
Well, I thought it was better than sharing scanlations. I mean, there already are A LOT of groups/individuals doing that. I see no point in doing the same. Well, whatever. Doesn't matter.
I could post this

or that

but won't anymore.

And finally Tonkam ! Not much though...
Already outCollapse )
To be released :

Le fruit de toutes le convoitises [Chou Dakaretai Otoko - Super Dakaretai Otoko] (Chitose Piyoko)

Not ready sensei !? (Kazuma Kodaka)

Also they released Sakura Gari by Watase Yuu but that don't really enter the Yaoi subgroup more josei or seinen to say so...Tonkam released it under its shojo group ! Not to scare away the potential readers ???

Taïfu Comics BL
Here are the yaoi mangas published by Taïfu :
TaïfuCollapse )
I can't wait to have Ze in my hands ! Yiiipii!!

Asuka BL
Here's the yaoi mangas released and to be released by Asuka :
list of mangasCollapse )
Also, here's the link of the Asuka site if you want to check it out !
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yaoi yaoi & yaoi !
Hello all !
It's been quite some time since I last posted. Here, where I live (France for those who don't know), yaoi has made a big entry in our libraries and a few editors have finally taken the risk to release yaoi mangas ! We've got Asuka and its 1st BL French Magazine ! That's right ! And also Taifu comics and of course Tonkam, first one to ever release BL. To some extent, we also have Samji who only release Korean manhwas and the great "The Summit" by Lee Young Hee. Maybe one day we can hope they release Let Dai ? Who knows...

So far so good !

Indeed, good titles have been picked up. I'll let you judge :
- Viewfinder (Ayano Yamane);
- Not ready sensei(Kazuma Kodaka);
- Love Mode (Shimizu Yuki);
- Ze (Shimizu Yuki);
- Yellow (Makoto Tateno);
and so on....

And seems like 2010 is going to bring us even more good titles ! So here's a list of wha'ts already out and what is awaiting us French for 2010.

PS : After some thinking, I decided to post an entry per editor and their mangas, that way I can had images. See you next entry then !

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